Geometry Coding Lesson #2

Cursor Location: ./. |

Graph Manipulation Instructions

Click and drag on the graph window to move the veiwpoint around. Scroll on the graph window to zoom in and out.

Each grid space is 1 unit wide, and 1 unit tall. Find the distance between the pizza man and each house.


(the location of the houses and the person are represented by a black dot on the graph)

Example: 4.25

This is an original problem that I came up with. You have to find which house is closest to the pizza man, so he knows where to go first. If you want more information on how to solve the problem, hit the hints button.

See the Pen ZvwXyJ by Nate (@Naitron) on CodePen.

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  • Added a changelog
  • Added a hints system
  • Added a hints tab
  • The number below the graph now displays the correct cursor position
  • Removed the graph size indicator
  • Added origin lines
  • Added a nice gray background to the tabs menu
  • Added a fade effect upon switching tabs
  • Destroyed the trees and built houses
  • Promoted the blue person to a pizza man
  • Added significantly less nothing