Geometry Coding Lesson #4

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The coordinates of the yellow triangle are
A(2 , 2), B(7 , 3), and C(3 , 6)
If we dilate the "pre-image" by a factor of 4, with the reference point being the origin, what will the new coordinates be?

Input the coordinates of the "image" below

A'= ( , )

B'= ( , )

C'= ( , )

See the Pen QQogXL by Nate (@Naitronbot) on CodePen.

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Lesson 4, Version 1
  • Added a drawing tool to help visualize the problem
  • Multiple Answers
  • Made the progress bar multi-step
  • Gave the progress bar a border
  • Added a transparent shapes option
  • Added an option to save progress
Lesson 4, Version 2
  • Removed the explanation tab, and the save progress tab
  • Made saving automatic
  • Added a confirmation to clearing saved data
  • Added a warning message when using unsupported web browers
  • Fixed the weird spacing on the answer boxed on Firefox
  • Changed the maximum allowed characters in the input fields from 2 to 3
  • Made the code in the code tab bigger so you can ACTUALLY read it now